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What is this place? It appears to be some sort of digital human-made environment comprised of many zeros and ones alternating in a haphazard yet fantastical way.

What’s that? Oh. It is called, the Internet. It connects people from all over planet Earth? Wow.

Well, I think this is a good place to set up shop then.

We are RecruitSquirrel, and we come in peace to first bring together employment recruiters and potential candidates. But once we accomplish this, we will bring together the world!

Wait! Don’t touch that! Okay, never mind. Just know that we are in beta mode right now which means that things will change and break rapidly as we experiment with your so-called, “Internet.”

Look for @wilcosky if you need something.

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I created RecruitSquirrel because recruiting should be fun and as easy as a dating app. 😎 By the way, what you are reading here you may create too. On your profile’s homepage, look for the box with a dashed border. Tap and edit!

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  • Pink Squirrel 1 month ago

    I’m excited!

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Starting transmission…

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